About Me

Trunkfish Illustration by Jena Squires

Hello There! 

I am a graphic designer and jewelry artist based on St. John in the US Virgin Islands – this site showcases some of my work.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

In Graphic Design:

I just finished working on the layout for the 2015 edition of the St. John Phonebook – this will be my 6th edition!  It’s amazing how the book has evolved in those 6 years to being a true island directory and loyal promoter of local businesses.  Besides the layout of the book, I do many ads for local clients that are published throughout the book and are often used in other publications as well, such as Destinations magazine.  Visit My Ad Portfolio

In Jewelry:

I have been working with fine silver precious metal clay a lot this year.  I love it for its ability to take on textures and shapes, and it allows me to create completely unique pieces.  My studio has been expanding, as well, and it’s growing into a well equipped metalworking shop that has allowed me to expand on my metalworking capabilities. If you are here on St. John, you can also buy my work at Bamboula, in Mongoose Junction.

More About Me:

I grew up in a family of artists who encouraged my creativity from a young age – in pottery, paints and everything in between. It was probably inevitable that I would end up with a BA in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin, where I got to study a variety of art mediums. It was here that I was introduced to metalsmithing for the first time and I was deeply intrigued by the process of transforming raw metal into beautiful works of art with fire and force.  This was also when I was introduced to graphic design, and was able to study a short time in Northern California with some of the best in the field. 

When I moved to the small island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands 13 years ago I only intended to stay a short while, but I fell in love and never left.  I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful place and my surroundings influence all of my designs greatly.